2PM's Wooyoung reveals he felt depression just like Jonghyun

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Wooyoung in an album concept photo released by JYP Entertainment
Wooyoung in an album concept photo released by JYP Entertainment JYP Entertainment/Twitter

2PM Wooyoung, who has made his solo comeback with an album, has revealed that he underwent depression similar to the late SHINee member Jonghyun.

"I recently heard the unfortunate news about Jonghyun. I believe he made such decision because he was struggling far more than me, but I deeply understand him and I believe there are a lot of celebrities who are going through similar situations. I, too, was in a similar situation five years ago," he said.

Wooyoung said he saw himself in Jonghyun's state, saying, "It (Jonghyun's depression) seemed like my own story. At the time, I wanted to overcome in any way possible. I only thought of the 2PM members. I could've ended it but I thought I couldn't just end it this easily. I held on thinking about how I need to finish strong."

Jonghyun committed suicide last December 18 due to severe depression, he revealed in a suicide note he entrusted to a friend.

Family, fellow artists and fans mourned his sudden death. Recently, the remaining SHINee members have decided to pursue the group's concerts in Japan, saying Jonghyun would have wanted them to do it.

Wooyoung said he overcame depression by finding "a way of my own. I learned to draw, I tried scuba diving, and I relied on hyungs that lived longer than I have. I overcame by reading books and watching documentaries."

In a separate interview, Wooyoung also said that with 2PM members' enlistment in the military, it would take four to five years before the whole group can reunite and perform for fans.

"I think a long time will be needed (for full group promotions) since we have military enlistments. I think it'll take at least 4-5 years. I plan to enlist sometime in the second half this year. I've wanted to experience military service early," he explained.

Taecyeon enlisted last September and is the first 2PM member to do so.

"Taecyeon is exceptionally good at adjusting. I think he has become more like himself. He's very Taecyeon-like right now. He doesn't seem like a celebrity when he comes out for a break. He seems like a person born for the military. He suits well with the system," Wooyoung added.

This article was first published on January 16, 2018