2PM's Junho reveals how Chief Kim improved his acting

Junho also talked about the portrayal of the cold character in the drama.

2PM's Junho was praised for his acting in Chief Kim Instagram/le2jh

2PM's Junho revealed how his role in Chief Kim improved his acting. In the drama, the 27-year-old actor played the role of a former prosecutor, who becomes a finance director at TQ Group.

Junho had received positive response from viewers for his character in the drama. During an interview, the actor said: "I hate being shy. If I am not confident of my own acting, I would never be able to show it to the public. I wanted to widen my acting spectrum by playing an antagonist and I wanted to do it sincerely. Looking back at it, I think I somewhat reached the goal that I was aiming for before filming."

Junho also talked about the portrayal of the cold character in Chief Kim. He said: "I did apologize before filming, but I was afraid to be so rude towards my seniors. However, it would disrupt the flow of acting if I seemed hesitant so I gave it my best when the camera rolled. Later, my seniors told me to go easy on them when the camera was not directly on us."

Though his acting career is flourishing, Junho says 2PM is closer to his heart. He added: "2PM is where my roots are. I was very lucky to have starred in a few movies and dramas every year. I just wanted to faithfully complete tasks that were given to me outside of my singing career."