Trump Fails to Establish Himself as a 'Man of Faith' in the Eyes of Majority of Americans

Trump recently visited two religious sites including a Catholic shrine and St John's Episcopal Church

Despite a highly publicized Bible photo Op conducted recently by US President Donald Trump outside the vandalized St John's Episcopal church, majority of Americans dismissed Trump as a man of faith.

Trump Bible

In a recent survey conducted by the Politico-Morning Consult poll, it was found that only 27 percent of Americans believe that Trump is a man of faith. However, this number was sure to send Twitterati into a tizzy with memes and jokes under the hashtag '27% of Americans'.

Poll Included Common Man, Religious Leaders and Politicians

Politico conducted the survey on June 6-7 in which 1992 registered voters participated. According to the outlet, Trump's recent visits to two religious places including a Catholic shrine and St. John's Episcopal Church, where he posed with a Bible, after forcibly clearing the angry protesters nearby. The latter, strangely backfired for Trump, as the photo op drew ire of several religious leaders.

With eyes set on the upcoming Presidential elections 2020, Trump's campaign team has once again returned their focus to the president's core supporters, including white evangelicals who overwhelmingly backed him in 2016, in an effort to reverse his declining political fortunes, reported the outlet.

However, the survey did not present a very positive picture for Trump as just 40 percent of evangelicals agreed that Trump was a man of faith. Furthermore, 23 percent of Catholics and 18 percent of independents believed in Trump being a religious person. However, 55 percent of the conservatives and 60 percent of the Republicans saw Trump as a man of faith.

"Even after nearly 3 in 4 voters saw coverage of President Trump's photo op at St. John's Episcopal Church last week, only about 1 in 4 believe he's religious," Morning Consult Vice President Tyler Sinclair said.

Twitter Rips Apart Trump With '27% of Americans' Hashtag

The hashtag was one of the top ten trending topics on Twitter. "27% of Americans need to pray for the Lord to open their eyes," wrote a user.

"To the 27% of Americans who think Trump is a man of faith, let me ask you this... If you saw your religious leader on video hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein, would you still want that person as the head of your place of worship? Then why do want Trump as the head of our nation?" expressed another user.

"27% of Americans believe Donald Trump was sent to us by God. I won't judge them, God also sent the plague and locusts," tweeted a user.