Singapore police have arrested 24 people who engaged in illegal public gambling in raids conducted in Geylang.

The men, aged between 18 and 68, were arrested in raids conducted between Friday and Sunday morning. They were held in connection with illegal public gaming and for being members of unlawful groups, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said in a press release.

The raids were conducted at coffees hops, entertainment outlets and back alleys at Geylang, Today Online reported.

Officers from the Criminal Investigation Department, Police Intelligence Department, Bedok Division and Central Narcotics Bureau participated in the raids.

Police said gambling related materials such as chips, dice and playing mats were seized in the raids.

Under Singapore laws a person found guilty of gaming in a public place can be punished with a fine of up to S$5,000 or imprisonment of up to six months, or both.

A person found to be a member of an unlawful group can be sentenced to three years in prison.