23-Year-Old Gabe Adzich Is Driven to Innovate and Succeed

Gabe Adzich

Innovation and success have been on the mind of 23-year-old entrepreneur Gabe Adzich since he was a kid. However, before he would embark on his path of entrepreneurial success, he would first fulfill his lifelong dream of being a basketball star.

At 6'4" and 195 lbs, Gabe made a great Guard while he played for Texas Christian University during 2016-2017. In fact, he played so well in his high school days that he ended up landing a Division 1 roster spot at TCU. By all accounts, he was ready to pursue a professional basketball career. However, the passion for innovation was simply too strong within him.

Gabe ended up listening to the entrepreneurial spirit inside of him and began focusing on founding his own startups. While still in college, he ended up establishing two. One of these would be KAFF Coffee, a light RTD coffee company. Another is PRISM XR, an augmented/virtual reality marketing agency.

Following his inner drive to innovate and succeed is very apparent through PRISM XR. This is due to the cutting-edge technology he focuses on. Called extended reality, it combines both real-world and virtual environments. The "X" in XR represents a variable for any kind of current or future spatial computing technologies.

This is a very new technology and concept, so it may need more clarification. It is more easily understood when you compare it to augmented reality and virtual reality. Those two technologies are not bound to any specific environment, be it physical or digital. XR is a blend of both VR and AR.

Blending the physical world with the virtual one is something that has been an advertisement dream for a long time. The innovation that Gabe is bringing into the space has been an absolute boon for his startup and clients. This has led to him becoming regarded as one of the top young entrepreneurs in all of Los Angeles.

Gabe has been applying XR within the marketing industry for his clients by making digital products, digital workings, portals to new environments, branded face filters, games, and much more. In Gabe's view, XR is going to completely revolutionize digital marketing, and he plans to be at the forefront of the revolution.

Many Fortune 500 companies are extremely excited to utilize the extended reality technology that Gabe has created through PRISM XR. His clients include companies in food and beverage, tech, entertainment, retail, vitamins, and clothing industries. These, along with others, are likely to benefit tremendously in their marketing campaigns thanks to Gabe's innovation.

Gabe has been pushing the limits of what other entrepreneurs his age have accomplished. As someone who never plans to stop innovating and following his entrepreneurial drive, we are bound to see much more beyond his two startups in the future. Already, Gabe is looking to branch out into other ventures and investments.