"2021: Kyte Music Upturn will be seen this year" - Sonu Sinha, Founder of Kyte Music

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Many of us waste our lives or have to spend most of our lives without a proper mentor. Not everyone considers a mentor. This does not mean that the person in question would fail in his or her life or job. It is not important for each of us to find a successful mentor. It does not always rely on the tutor and you should do it on your own to choose the correct direction.

It is important for you to set targets and motivate yourself to accomplish them. Grow and learn on your own and never give up until your goals and priorities are achieved. You should have control over what you do, even though you have someone to drive you along.

It's rough at the start to be your own coach, but it will take you a long way in your life than you would expect. Most of us will obviously fail to find the right path ahead, but the work you put into finding it is worth it. You need to reach deep inside to discover your own tutor. And you should follow your smarter inner mentor's wisdom that will serve the carrier more.

Today we will talk about a guy who has chosen to be his own mentor.

Sonu spent more than three years researching music business and music distribution as a career, but every day he learns new things, and during this period of time there were few encounters with his schooling. His few friends think he's wasting time, they're even judging him, but he's not taking them seriously,

He reflects solely on his future, keeping evil people at bay.

He was failing in 12th grade, and his family was sad and he recovered after 10 months, and life began. He made a good source of cash, made a good circle of professional friends, and completed his examinations as well.

If you are as committed as Sonu, no error can stop you from succeeding.

Swarndeep Sinha (Sonu Sinha), one of the youngest entrepreneurs, created a platform to help thousands of labels and artists more easily than ever before.

KYTE MUSIC was set up in 2019 by Sonu Sinha as an indie music distribution and publishing firm.

The company specializes primarily in the development of songs, optimization of Channels of their network, administration of marketing & copyright and publication of music.

In several big stores around the world, KYTE MUSIC distributes music, including iTunes, Spotify, JioSaavn, Wynk, Amazon MP3, Resso, YouTube Music, Deezer, Beatport, Tik Tok, and 100+ music streaming platforms, unlike other distributors, they charge additionally for VEVO distribution, but Kyte Music doesn't charge for VEVO distribution cause it includes in their package with no extra cost.

KYTE MUSIC also offers VAS/Caller tunes to their Clients, which grow their fan base and revenues.

They also provide services such as digital promotion, SEO and pitching playlists , Smart Links and more. More than hundreds of labels every day make the use of this tool practical. Kyte Music has monetized nearly 100 million+ views a month as of January 2021.

Kyte Music has developed a beta edition distribution software; it will be launched shortly for both Android and iOS operating systems, allowing users to upload and distribute their track directly to Tidal, Wynk, Amazon, iTunes JioSaavn and all other major stores in just a few minutes from their devices. It is possible to track live stats, artist accounts, and payout demands, smart connections and use all other promotional features available on the app.

During This Pandemic,Most people staying indoors, the industry is going bankrupt, Many companies have closed down and mass unemployment, The capital of music companies has been wiped out, income and wealth have been eroded, the music industry was affected last year, physical sales decrease by nearly down by about one-third while digital sales decrease by about 11%.

Brands have paused all advertising for the first half of 2020, and another 46% have reduced spending. Spotify announced that it missed its first-quarter advertising targets in light of changes in advertising budgets.

On the distribution side, there is a growing list of artists delaying releases to later in the year.

Sinha Said "The pandemic has affected the music industry, as there are no live shows as bans on large gatherings live shows revenues were almost zero, we have faced some low revenues in our digital royalties first half of 2020, we have never seen a meltdown of this measure in the past, this year 2021, we will see upturn of KYTE MUSIC, and will continue to improve our system, we are working towards creating a business that is respected and appreciated by partners and customers."

His hard work is really paying him off well and his dedication towards his work is commendable.

This article was first published on March 14, 2021