2020: The Best of Jesse Forte

Jesse Forte

Rapper's 5 key moments of 2020.

Jforte's latest single, Make It Happen, came out, in what was one of the most epic times in American history, as the pandemic hit, Covid spiked and people across the world we're stuck in their homes. Jesse's year started off slow until he started launching music every Thursday, for 33+ consistent weeks.

Jforte Launches New Music Every Week (February 28th, 2020)

Between February 28th and October 9th, 2020, Jforte has launched 25+ new songs, ranging from J-Pop, Reggaeton, Hip- Hop, Pop, Rap, spoken word, and twisted black metal. Making his style unique, unorthodox, and a real "left hook."

"Burrfday Everyday" (July 16th, 2020)

Kicking off Jforte's birthday, he launches Burrfday Everyday as a summer promo for the beaches, good vibes, and high energy from coast to coast. Hundreds of thousands of people listen to this new artist and new flow.

Arrival Of 愛 (July 24th, 2020)

After years of street performing, wondering what the spotlight would look like, consistent effort, and an opportunity to try something new, Jforte puts out "愛," a cyber pop love song where the internet chats with a cute lady from Tokyo, Japan. Creating a buzz around his ability to rap in multiple languages, like Spanish, English, and Japanese.

Due Process More Justice More Peace (August 14, 2020)

Jforte deep dives into his mind as innocent African American women and men are slain in the streets of America. He interprets a vision of hope with "More Justice More Peace." He explains that "chants are contagious and hold power." "The words we say are what we manifest, let's change the way we chant." "Let's scream for what we want to see, not what is." Not only did Jforte chant and make music but he used his civic rights to protest peacefully with legend Kendrick Lamar, in the streets of Compton, give back to communities less fortunate and be a staple for those around him, in the booth and out of it. I get to be the light in a dark place, I get to build when it looks like we're falling. Rest in peace to Ahamaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor our brother George Floyd and all of the men and women who didn't get a chance at justice because there weren't cameras involved.

Jforte's Preferred Moments

"I enjoy giving back to my community, making dope music, sharing my vision of hope, while connecting with my audience. A lot changed for me in a year because I dealt and am dealing with my trauma, I'm learning to forgive myself, be transparent with where I need help and surround myself around geniuses and people who love and make sure I shine too." "As my boy Charlie says, I'm already there, time hasn't caught up yet." My books like Fail Forward Through Success break down the concepts I am talking about. I encourage everyone who is leveling up in 2020 and 2021 to check them out, to realize that my message takes many forms, and to know there is greatness within you. So let's tap in." "I'm not just an artist, I was an author, IT professional, public speaker, and mentor before I got into the game, I'm just using the gift God gave me. Said Jforte"

This article was first published on October 22, 2020