A 20-year-old musician from France, Mexed shares his journey so far


Having good friends in life is a very important thing, they teach you the right ways of life and play a crucial role in achieving your dreams. Mexed is one of those individuals to have found that, coming from the north of France he had found his inspiration from a very young age owing it to his friends.

Apart from finding his passion and working really hard to make it his best skills he also always believed in himself, which led him to all of his goals. He works very hard to keep up with his passion for music and divides his 24 hours of the day to make sure he doesn't let it hinder his entrepreneurship.

That's right, apart from being a musician is also an entrepreneur who runs a successful influencer marketing agency. His work lets him meet a lot of people from all across the globe and he uses each opportunity to grab the right kind of talents to work with. Apart from that, Mexed is also simultaneously working on his upcoming lineup of tracks which he assures will blow everyone's mind.

Talking about his journey in the industry, he states, "I have worked hard to come this far to have 6 tracks all prepped up. I was lucky to have found my passion at an early age, but it is not easy to maintain touch with my musical side and continue to run my business. But I love it, I love the hustle and my achievements feel much bigger later."