Is 2-Meter Coronavirus Social Distancing Safe? Scientists Say COVID-19 Can Spread as Much as 4.8 Meters

The researchers stated that the widely accepted theory about the 2-meter distance for observing COVID-19 social distancing provides a 'false sense of security'

As the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread worldwide, scientists all over are currently trying to find new characteristics of the deadly virus. Now, scientists from US claim that they have isolated particles of the novel virus as much as 4.8 meters away from hospitalized patients.

The researchers mentioned that the widely accepted theory about the two-meter distance for observing social distancing provides a 'false sense of security' and can result in large people getting exposed to the disease, as reported by The Telegraph. The study got conducted at the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital, has not been peer-reviewed.

COVID-19 Crisis

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On the other hand, a saliva test for detecting coronavirus that was developed by Yale and paid for by the NBA also got Food and Drug Administration approval on Saturday for the emergency purpose. SalivaDirect, make use of the spit of people who think they have the COVID-19, the agency mentioned.

The deadly virus outbreak is currently spreading like wildfire around the world and if the claim of the scientists turns out to be true then it will be a major problem for people around the world. The WHO has repeatedly claimed that maintaining a two-meter distance is enough considering the safety of the people.

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times infecting more than 21.4 million people worldwide and claimed the lives of over 771,000 people globally in more than 170 nations. Scientists around the world are currently working at a rapid pace to find a cure for the disease. More than 100 coronavirus vaccine candidates are currently under different stages of trials.

A few days back, Russia registered a vaccine called Sputnik V, which it claims to be the first vaccine to tackle the virus. The Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that the vaccine is safe and the nation is going to start the mass vaccination in October. Experts around the world, however, expressed their concerns about the safety of the vaccine.

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