'2 Days 1 Night' beats 'Running Man' in ratings as Jung Joon Young returns

In the latest episode of "2Days 1 Night", two separate tasks where featured for Jung and the other cast members

2 Days 1 Night
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The KBS travel variety program "2 Days 1 Night" recently welcomed back Jung Joon Young. And, with her return to the show the ratings are soaring high, besting even popular SBS show "Running Man" and MBC's "Secretly Greatly."

According to Nielsen Korea, as cited by Insight, the episode aired on Jan. 15, Sunday, achieved viewership ratings of 20.3 percent. The episode marked the return of Jung to the program following a short hiatus.

Compared to the show's TV ratings in the previous week, the viewership share for the episode is 1 percent higher, as mentioned in the same report. The KBS show grabbed the top spot with such high ratings among other variety programs in the same Sunday timeslot.

In the second place landed the MBC's "Secretly Greatly" with 8.6 percent. And, with viewership shares of 8 percent, SBS variety program "Running Man" is in the third place.

In the latest episode of "2Days 1 Night", two separate tasks where featured for Jung and the other cast members. The singer was given the mission to climb up the second tallest mountain of South Korea, known as Jirisan, and can only join the other cast members of the show only after his name is being mentioned a specific number of times.

The task appeared to be really tough as the fellow members drew the number 30 from the lottery. Moreover, they had no idea about the details of the mission Jung was put into and they participated in the games without mentioning the singer.

The episode came to an end with a five-member team who all headed towards the base camp. Jung was not anywhere around, possibly the singer will make an sudden appearance as the members continue to complete the assigned mission.

AllKpop quoted Kim as saying that the production team kept Jung's appearance a secret and it took everyone by surprise.

This article was first published on January 17, 2017