The 19-Year-Old Teenager Mohamed Coulibaly; On The Verge To Become The Best Of Both- Professional Soccer And Sports Businessman

Mohamed Coulibaly

Sneakers have progressed from their original role as fashion statements to become affordable and fashionable items of desire. From sports to street style to showstopper fashion, sneakers have become iconic commodities in a variety of ways. The global sneaker business was anticipated to be worth $79 billion in 2020, and it is expected to grow to $120 billion by 2026. Given their immense expansion, it's no wonder that sneakers are a huge industry.

Buying and selling sneakers used to be a niche hobby, with collectors scouring store bins and garage auctions for unusual items and negotiating trades over the phone. The internet and eBay changed that, allowing sneaker lovers to interact across long distances and bringing the closed world to a wider audience.

Today, sneaker resale has exploded, thanks in part to the proliferation of shops and websites that have made reselling limited-edition sneakers a viable business.

Sales are crucial, but the influence is more than just sales. It's all about shifting a person's perspective and directing them in a different direction. As a result, sneakers have progressed from a niche item to a fashionable need. The most popular product category in the online luxury industry is now footwear, and sneakers have played a crucial part in this growth.

Understanding the impact of a sports person's influence and the tremendous rise in the popularity of footwear. Mohamed Coulibaly, a 19-year-old entrepreneur and soccer player from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has capitalised on the public's growing love of kicks. While pursuing a professional soccer career, the undergrad from Temple University studying in business management founded a sneaker company from the ground up and grew it to a 1.2-million-dollar company called The Heatkickcity..

Mohamed Coulibaly fell for the game at the age of 3 and levelled up the ante after moving to the USA from France. The game has thrown a lot of ups and downs but his passion for the sport and work ethic kept him from giving up and always striving to improve every single day. The hard work paid off as Philadelphia's player of the year two years in a row.

With a desire to give back to the community, he aims to provide sneakers at a reasonable price that is accessible to everybody. Heatkickcity is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle. Coulibaly uses his special secret formula, which includes his sporting influence, shoe obsession, cultural relevance, and overall impact, to deliver this lifestyle and positive vibes for his people at a low cost. The youngster is regarded as one of soccer's most promising prospects. He is the buzz of the town as a result of his meteoric rise in the sports business sector. His business acumen and ability to learn quickly set him apart from the rest of the sports business world.

He has groomed himself to speak five languages fluently ie French, English, Japanese, Arabic, and his parent's native language from Mali in West Africa called Bambara. This gives him an edge over the others. Apart from his passion for soccer and kicks, He is attached to his community helping them every month by giving away a thousand dollars worth of food, clothes, shoes, and knowledge to the homeless and those in need. Keeping his life private, Coulibaly's effect is one-of-a-kind and growing. His decision to avoid developing a profit-making brand in favour of focusing on quality and cost has helped him thrive.

He plans to open a black-owned store on Temple Campus to provide sneakers at a decent price to the students by mid-2022. He has been collaborating closely with a lot of renowned names such as cool kicks, sole world, famous athletes, and rappers to make his dreams a reality. He credits his parents and friends hugely for his success and shout-outs for his friend's brands Bullatwins, DND Philly, hinesbros, remember who fronted apparel, and soulé aka sniper visuals keep on elevating the everyday.