Indian student died during fire drill
Indian student died during fire drill YouTube grab

A 19-year-old female student in India died while performing a disaster drill at Kalaimagal College of Arts and Science, which is an institution of country's southern state, Tamil Nadu on Thursday, July 12.

The accident happened in Tamil Nadu's Coimbatore city, where a fire drill was conducted at around 4 pm as a part of the disaster preparedness training and things to do in case a fire breaks out. Reports stated that the deceased was studying in the Coimbatore college for a business degree.

A video of the incident went viral on the social media platform and triggered several debates. In the footage, it was clear that the second year student Lokeshwari was screaming in terror when she looked down from a second-floor ledge of her college building. Even though she was supposed to perform during the activity, the 19-year-old student hesitated at the time of the drill.

A disaster preparedness instructor could be seen in the same video while standing on the same ledge who was urging Lokeshwari to jump. But, when the trainer Arumugan pushed the female student, the entire drill became a nightmare for the students as well as for the instructor.

IBTimes Singapore believes that the video was shot by a college student, who was watching the drill. It showed that while some students were standing with the safety net on the ground, after the push from the instructor, Lokeshwari's head hit on the first-floor ledge that caused her death.

After the collision with the sunshade on the first floor, she crashed to the ground. She was immediately taken to a private hospital, where authorities denied to process treatment and referred to a government hospital. But, she could not survive and doctors pronounced her dead.

Before Lokeshwari, there were other students who performed the same drill and landed safely. But, as per the eyewitnesses, she did not find the confidence to jump on the safety net. However, the trainer Arumugan was arrested and a case under Section 304-A for causing death by negligence has also been lodged against him.

As per the Indian law, whoever found guilty of the death of any person by doing any rash or negligent act not amounting to culpable homicide, the convict will face an imprisonment term, which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.

After this terrible incident, the southern state of India is now known as the place, which has no respect for other lives. At least in this case of pre-meditated murder by a trainer, the signs of negligence, as well as the mindset of the people, are crystal clear.

The 19-year-old BBA student deserved the utmost courtesy at such ill-conceived rescue drills which were not permitted legally but undertaken at the whims of frustrated coaches and instructors.

Even though the video was disturbing, it could serve as a lesson to such high-handed colleges and ill-trained trainers. Along with the instructor, the college management, principal and other local leaders, who were behind the irresponsible and insensitive institution should be taken to trial for the murder of an innocent student.