18-year-old man pleads guilty of molesting woman through open window of Woodlands flat

Singapore police arrested man
Singapore police arrested man (Representational picture) Pixabay

An 18-year-old man guy has pleaded guilty for sexually molesting a woman through an open window of Woodlands flat. Zulhusny Bin Mohamad Arshad, the accused faced four charges which include outraging the modesty of a woman and other drug-related offenses.

After the trial, the court sentenced him to reformative training at a juvenile center. However, Zulhusny Bin Mohammed Arshad is appealing against the sentence pronounced by the court.

The incident related to the crime apparently happened on January 09, 2017, at around 2.30 AM in an HBD block, Woodlands. A woman, aged 33 years was sleeping in her bedroom, which is located very close to a corridor. Zulhusny Bin Mohammed was walking along the corridor at that time, and he saw the windows to the victim's bedroom opened.

He then stretched his hand to the room through the window and touched the woman's private parts. The woman initially thought that she is going through a bad dream, and swatted her as a reflex. When her hands hit Zulhusny Bin Mohammed's hand, the victim was shocked, and soon she started shouting. She rushed out of the room and informed her landlady about the bitter experience.

The landlady soon called the police, and a complaint was lodged. Later, the landlady revealed that Zulhusny Bin Mohammed Arshad had moved some clothes hangers and curtains that night before touching the private parts of the victim.

It should be noted that Zulhusny Bin Mohammed Arshad was undergoing 'Guidance Program' when he committed the current crime. During the time of the incident, he was undergoing the 'Guidance Programme' for trespassing into private property. The court also took this factor into consideration before pronouncing the judgment.