16 year old student in Singapore loves rapping and continues to pursue his dream

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Its 21Master has established himself as the next big thing in the rap game, bursting into the music scene in 2018 and literally giving heavyweights in the industry a run for their money. The talented rap artist from Singapore has continued to drop hits after hits since officially announcing his entrance into the industry with his debut single "Thrown in Your Face." His latest project titled "Little Things" has substantiated this claim, garnering over 10k streams on Spotify in less than one month.

Having always written and recorded his own songs from an early age, and developing his own home studio, Its21Master is building a brand that goes beyond the traditional ways of music production.

It is to this end that he has been able to apply creative flexibility, with reflective and melodic songs, and worked on a variety of sounds that have subverted the traditional rap genre - making him an emerging artist to listen to if you want to discover a new kind of sound that really gets you moving.

Of course, balancing school life with rap has not been an easy task. As a student, 21 has had to put in extra effort into his studies while also producing new content for his alter-ego as a rap artist.

The multi-billion-dollar entertainment industry has evolved over the years. The music market has played a major role in the evolution of the hip hop community, especially rap, contributing immensely to the global music market's growth. Unfortunately, many of the songs coming out of speakers have seemingly deviated from the true essence of the genre – passing information subtly. However, it is looking like the dawn of a new beginning with the emergence of Its21Master, otherwise known as 21.

The creativity and ingenuity of 21 are evident in his lyrics, pouring his heart and soul into every line as he stays true to his goal of delivering amazing sounds to rap lovers. His debut single, "Thrown In Your Face," showed the world 21's energetic flow and one-of-a-kind lyrics, offering a unique blend of new and old school hip-hop.

Over the years, he has been able to carve a niche in the industry, garnering a lot of attention from fans and critics alike, as he blurs the lines between hip-hop and other styles. He has continued to create songs from his home studio, digging into his versatile and diverse music catalogue where love, trap, club songs have been performed.

21 has released a number of hit tracks that have endeared him to millions of rap lovers. One such track was "Like a God," which was produced by Kontrabandz and engineered by Lil Edd. The song was released during Summer 2019 and was added by curators to Spotify's editorial playlist "Beats and Rhymes." "Like a God" has received positive traction on social media, becoming 21's current biggest song with nearly 50,000 streams on Spotify as of today. "Rising to the Top" is another hit from 21, where he added more variety and an extended dynamic range to his music, with an "out of this world" fusion of Rap with Jazz.

21 has worked with several industry insiders, including producer Mantra, Grammy-nominated engineer Beau Vallis, and Lil Edd, a world-famous engineer who had mixed songs for the likes of DDG and Dax.

Its21Master keeps creating music with a broad creative scope, with his simple objective - "I just want to rap."

This article was first published on January 21, 2021