16 dead, more than 50 injured, after trains collide in Eastern Bangladesh

Two trains, that were moving in opposite directions, came on the same track, leading to collision that killed 16 and injured more than 50

Head-on collision between two trains in Eastern Bangladesh killed 16, injured more than 50 Representational Image

A fatal accident occurred in Eastern Bangladesh which resulted in the death of 16 people while more than 50 are reported to have been injured as two trains going in opposite directions, one heading to the southern port city of Chittagong and another to the capital Dhaka, collided. The incident happened at around 3 am local time and it took place at Brahmanbaria, 100 km to the east of Dhaka.

"When I came out of the train, I saw dead bodies without heads, without legs, without hands", a passenger told Reuters. "We were so close to death, but Allah saved us", another passenger to the Chittagong-bound train shared. "Suddenly, there was a bang, I saw people screaming", added another passenger. The collision happened when the passengers were asleep.

According to district official Hayat Ud Dowlah Khan, 16 people have died in the accident. The toll is expected to rise during the rescue operation by fire, police, border guards and army officials. More than 40 injured have been admitted to the hospital, with some being in critical condition, the officer added.

Meanwhile, PM Sheikh Hasina expressed her shock and sorrow and has urged the officials and public to provide support to the victims. At present, it remains unknown, how the two trains came on the same track, but an investigation has been ordered in the matter. "One of the trains might have violated the signals", Shyamal Kanti Das, a police personnel, told reporters.

Train accidents are frequent in the South Asian nation, mainly due to poor infrastructure, faulty signalling, unsupervised crossings and poor condition of railway tracks.