15-Year-Old Boy Posts Rape Threats on TikTok, Gets Expelled From School

A 15-year-old boy from the prestigious Oxfordshire Boarding School in the UK was expelled due to his unruly behavior as he admitted to posting highly offensive content including rape threats on TikTok and SnapChat.

After being called out by his classmates for posting rape threats on his social media handles, the boy replied to them saying it was only a joke and asked them to take it easy.

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However, the pupils took screenshots of the posts and shared it with the school authorities. After being questioned by the management for his rude behavior, the boy admitted to sharing the content and the school has now expelled the student.

Also, apart from posting rape threats, the teenager had previously posted offensive content such as fat-shaming women, sharing sexist materials, mocking the Black Lives Matter movement and also sent a picture of Hitler and Nazi soldiers to a Jewish student while wishing him on his birthday.

The student, who has not been named, was studying for his GCSE exams at the prestigious all boys boarding school with a fees of $61,470 a year that only a handful of parents could afford.

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The DailyMail revealed that the staff were deeply disturbed by the behavior of the boy and accepted the deputy headmaster's decision to expel him from the school after he admitted to his mistake.

However, the boys parents seem not to be impressed by the school's decision and are said to be thinking of a number of ways to prevent their child from being expelled from the top private boarding school.

It is reported that the parents are considering placing a big billboard right in front of the school's main building entrance demanding justice for him.

The School Head Master Says The Decision Is Final

Headmaster Michael Windsor revealed to the DailyMail that the management will not walk back on their decision and stated that the school has strict policies on discipline and behavior which students and parents were aware of before seeking admission.

''The school has a very clear policy on discipline and behavior of which all the students and their families are aware. There is a copy of the policy on the website and students are frequently reminded of the high standards expected of them,'' the Headmaster said.

The boy's classmate also revealed that he was concerned about the rape threats posted on his TikTok and SnapChat handles. ''I was particularly concerned about the video making reference to rape, which I believe has now been removed due to community guidelines,'' he said to the DailyMail.