130 People Claiming To Be Jeffrey Epstein's 'Secret Love Child' Seek His $634m Estate

More than 100 people, claiming to be the secret child of alleged American pedophile and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, have come forward to claim a share in his $634m estate.

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein Twitter/Jeffrey Epstein

The millionaire, who was found dead in his prison cell in August last year, was awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges, including paying underage girls hundreds of dollars in cash for massages and sexually abusing them. The former teacher turned financier was known to have close connections with the who's who of the world. He was accused of engaging underage girls for his sexual shenanigans and serving his high-profile friends.

Epstein was Known to Have No Children

According to The Sun, a Florida-based legal service looking for potential heirs of Epstein stated that they were contacted by 386 people, out of whom 130 claimed to be Epstein's offspring.

Within hours of Epstein's death, US-based Morse Genealogical Services, which has previously sought heirs of Epstein, launched a website, epsteinheirs.com, to find Epstein's heir, if any. According to the founder, Harvey Morse, they have been receiving calls ever since the launch of the website.

"Jeffrey Epstein was sexually promiscuous for so long that there is a reasonable chance he may have fathered a child. He could even be a grandfather," Morse told the publication.

The website states: "If you believe you may have given birth to a child fathered by the late JEFFREY EPSTEIN who recently committed suicide, or that he may have been your biological father, please contact us immediately, without delay!!"

Claimants Need to Undergo DNA Test in US

Morse said the calls were coming from different corners of the world, including the US, the Caribbean and France, where the alleged sex offender had 66 homes.

Stating that those with credible claims would have to submit a petition in a US court seeking a DNA test to confirm their claim, Morse said: "About a quarter of the calls have required investigation but so far we have not felt confident to take any further. Having said that, you never know who is going to call each day."

Even though the criminal case against Epstein was dropped after his death, the investigating agencies are on a lookout for his associates and close friends.

According to Fox Business, Epstein, whose wealth increased to $634.8m from $577m, owned a private island in the Caribbean, homes in Paris and New York City, a New Mexico ranch, and a fleet of high-priced cars, among other pricey possessions.