13 Reasons Why Season 2 confirmed: Selena Gomez gives out new details about the show

Gomez also gave out a few details stating that the upcoming season.

The season two of the controversial series 13 Reasons Why is confirmed, and the producer of the series Selena Gomez is reportedly very excited about it.

The filming of the second season of the show has not yet started, but the writers are currently working on the plotline for the upcoming season and planning to film it really soon, inquisitr reported.

Gomez also gave out a few details stating that the upcoming season won't be having the infamous tapes that were used throughout 13 Reasons Why Season 1, likely this is due to the new narrator and main character. The new narrator will possibly opt for a different method to bring the information out.

Fans were pretty annoyed that many questions remained unanswered in the first season, and Gomez assured that the upcoming season will delve into them too. So, it can be said that there will possibly be a connection linking the first season with the second in some way.

Selena further stated that the second season will be focussing more on the characters from the first season.

Apart from Gomez, showrunner Brian Yorkey too previously revealed that there are two ideas they have for the upcoming season. According to Cosmopolitan, Yorkey revealed that there can be a new set of characters for the Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. The show was going to become an anthology.

Instead of continuing the story of Hannah, the story in the upcoming season was originally thought to be about another set of teenagers entirely. As the first season told the full story from the book by Jay Asher from where the show was adapted from.

However, Yorkey wanted to explore the aftermath of the tapes. Therefore rather than just finishing it, he thought of taking it forward, as there were more stories to tell.

According to inquisitr, the season 2 will focus more on Jessica's storyline. Gomez mentioned that writers are working extremely hard to bring the story out in the best way possible and are extremely excited to see how it turns out during filming.