Netflix's 13 Reasons Why is creating a buzz for its content which deals with teenage suicide. Recently, a well-known adolescent psychiatrist asked Netflix to remove the series immediately.

In an interview with Today as cited by inquisitr, the well-known psychiatrist Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz who is the president of the Child Mind Institute said that he believes that Netflix need to remove the series, 13 Reasons Why and went on explain, "Teenage suicide is contagious. We know for over three decades that when kids watch television where they depict a suicide, they're more likely to attempt and they're more likely to actually (kill themselves)."

13 Reasons Why is a TV series which tells the story of a high school student who commits suicide and leaves tapes behind revealing 13 reasons as to she committed it. The tapes reveal that the 13 reasons behind her suicide include bullying, sexual assault and underage drinking.

The psychiatrist believes that there are 5000 reasons to remove the series, mostly because teenagers have a higher risk of committing suicide than adults. He also revealed that 90 of the teenage suicide are because of psychiatric disorders which make them extremely vulnerable. And, this series is sending across a wrong message to the teenagers.

He also added, "The problem with 13 Reasons Why is that it shows you that when you're in trouble as a teenager, there is no help, you're hopeless and that suicide is glamorous and effective — that's not the message we want them to have."