10 men arrested on charges of rioting along Geylang road

Singapore police arrested man
Singapore police arrested man (Representational picture) Pixabay

Singapore police have arrested 10 men for their alleged involvement in a case of rioting along Geylang Road. The arrests were made last Saturday and Sunday and police officials added that investigations are still going on.

Police revealed that the arrested men are aged between 18 and 34, and they were suspected to have involved in a brawl at around 03.00 AM on last Thursday. A video of the incident has apparently gone viral on social media platforms like Facebook, and it showed a group of men shouting and shoving at each other in the night time along the Geylang road. In the video, we can also see a police car reaching the spot, and soon the alleged rioters can be seen running away from the scene.

As the video of the incident surfaced online, police officers from the Criminal Investigation Department and Bedok Police Division soon figured out the identities of the men allegedly involved in the riot, and in a special operation, they arrested the men on Friday and Saturday.

After the arrests, Singapore police revealed that the force is "committed to keeping Singapore safe, and we will spare no effort to ensure that offenders are brought to justice and face the full brunt of the law."

If convicted all these 10 men could face a jail term of up to seven years and caning.

A couple of days back, commercial affairs department and a team of police officers have arrested 73 people for their alleged involvement in e-commerce scams. The three-day operation was carried out between April 2 and 4. The arrested suspects include 45 men and 28 women, aged between 15 and 66.

In a news release, Singapore Police Force also revealed these arrested suspects are involved in 188 cases of scams, which mainly involves e-commerce scams, where victims have lost more than $107,000.