#1 Mindset Coach in Australia Launches Coaching Centre for Women

The Inner Sisterhood Coaching Centre

Katie D, #1 Female Mindset Coach in Australia, has recently launched The Inner Sisterhood Coaching Centre for women. After 5 years in the coaching space, Katie D shared her excitement with us around being able to add so much more value to current and future clients now through this new part of her business.

The Inner Sisterhood, which was initially just Katie D's private Inner Circle Community - being coached by Katie on Mindset and Business, has expanded into the coaching Centre and is now currently the home of multiple Certified Master Coaches. Coaches specialising across different niches such as Nutrition & Wellness, Body Empowerment, and Energy Realignment and Healing, and Katie D plans to have many more Certified Master Coaches joining the team very soon, across a wider variety of niches.

The Inner Sisterhood Coaching Centre is designed to be a "One Stop Shop" for women seeking life coaching and all-around wellness and trauma healing. The company focuses on providing women with the opportunity to have access to work on several important areas of their life at once and receive the necessary support across those areas, all in one convenient space.

As a result, The Inner Sisterhood Coaching Centre has had high rates of success in creating life-changing results for its clients.

The Academy of Katie D Coaching, launched by the Top Mindset Coach in 2021, is an online course and an integral training tool for women in The Inner Sisterhood Coaching Centre. Katie D created the course designed to teach women all they need to know about mindset, self-love, conscious awareness, emotional intelligence, and more, giving busy women and mums with little time on their hands the ability to be able to watch and implement effectively. Being a mum herself and a full-time business owner, it was imperative to Katie to provide a platform that worked for busy women just like herself, which is what prompted Katie to record short, sharp, easy-to-understand content and easy-to-implement tools.

The Inner Sisterhood Coaching Centre PLUS The Academy have been nicely paired together for the Coaching Centre 1:1 clients, and Katie D told us that she aspires The Inner Sisterhood Coaching Centre to be the 'go-to' place for mindset support and women looking to turn their lives around.

Founder, Katie D, who was also recognised by Yahoo in 2021 as the Top 2 'Best Female Life Coaches in Australia' stated that "Helping women rebuild their identity, learn how to love themselves, face their fears, understand their emotions, reprogram old limiting patterns and behaviours and ultimately turn their lives around in short periods of time, would have to be the single most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life."

The Inner Sisterhood, a solely online community of coaching clients, was founded in early 2020, where the client focus was primarily Mindset. The expansion and launch of The Inner Sisterhood Coaching Centre happened in June 2022, to try and bridge the gap of what was missing in the market for female clients looking to make substantial changes in their life.