1 in 3 Singapore millennials unhappy about their careers, says survey

A survey by Happi found out that a third of millennials in Singapore are unhappy with their career paths.

Picture for representation Reuters

The Millennial generation in Singapore is not having it easy when it comes to their current careers, a survey by Happi revealed.

According to the poll, nearly a third of these millennials claimed they regret choosing their courses in university or polytechnic. In fact, 32.5 percent of these young Singaporeans claimed that they are not happy with their chosen tertiary education. Meanwhile, 22.2 percent said they were unsure of the reason why they are taking their current professional path.

Happi founder Greg Lipper said the survey shows that Singaporeans are still struggling to find their niche in the professional workplace setting even though they have shown the drive to succeed.

"Although most of the respondents said they were driven by a passion for their career path and a lifelong knowledge of their desire for their chosen field, a significant number are also unsure how they ended up on the track they did - whilst a small portion even chose their path due to pressure from parents," Lipper said.

The survey also revealed that around 18.1 percent of these young Singaporeans find the healthcare industry as the ideal sector to work in. Eliminating any external factors such as pressures from family, millennials would be delighted to work in the said industry.

Meanwhile, 13.5% of these millennials would love to have a career in the banking and finance sector. There are also millennials, making up 12.2%, who would want to make a career in the media and entertainment industry.