CCTV footage showing a taxi suffering severe damage after Taeyeon's car crashed into it
CCTV footage showing a taxi suffering severe damage after Taeyeon's car crashed into it (screen capture from Channel A video on YouTube and Instagram) YouTube screengrab

Korean group Girls' Generation's Taeyeon has posted a clarification to say that she apologized for causing a three-way car crash in Seoul on Tuesday that injured three people.

Taeyeon made the statement on her Instagram as a reply to a fan who asked her to apologize to the victims.

"Taeyeon, apologize so the victim can be satisfied and this can conclude well.. It's a witch hunt but I believe in you. I hope you're okay.. I keep thinking about you the entire day and I'm worried and my heart hurts... I love you. It was your fault this time, but it's okay if you're careful in the future," the fan commented on her account.

To which she replied "I'm sorry I worried you. I apologized to the taxi driver but the others did not want to come in contact with me.. I'm saying this because of a misunderstanding. I'll drive more carefully. I'm sorry I worried you."

She was driving her Mercedes Benz in Seoul Tuesday night she crashed into a taxi. A CCTV footage of the accident was revealed by a Korean TV news channel.

The video showed Taeyeon's car was fast when it hit the taxi, which then hit an Audi in front of it. The taxi driver and two passengers were injured in the crash.

But netizens are criticizing Taeyeon for her explanation about apologizing to the taxi driver and being ignored by the other victims.

"She talks like she's the victim... she's so shameless," one netizen commented on a news article about Taeyeon's Instagram comment, according to Netizen Buzz.

Another said, "apologize and compensate them" while a netizen wrote, "You caused this. 'Didn't want contact with me'? You don't seem to understand the situation at hand."

"You shouldn't be saying you're sorry, you should be saying you're at fault," a netizen said.

In another reply to a fan on Instagram, Taeyeon said she does not need to make an apology publicly but to the victims.

"Babe, this is not something I need to apologize publicly but something that I need to apologize directly to the people involved... The accident has been well resolved so don't worry. I really appreciate you for worrying about me. I'll always drive carefully," she said.