Kim Byung Man and the cast of the new 'Law of the Jungle'
Kim Byung Man and the cast of the new 'Law of the Jungle' SBS

Korean comedian Kim Byung Man has successfully returned to his TV show months after getting severely injured in the spine due to a skydiving accident in the US.

He joined fellow cast members including Lee Chun Hee, Kangnam and Sol Bin in a press conference on November 30 for the TV show "Law of the Jungle: Cook Islands."

Back in July, Kim Byung Man was participating in a skydiving training when the accident occurred. He sustained a spinal fracture and underwent surgery.

He was "participating in a team training exercise after earning a tandem skydiving license for an upcoming Korean international skydiving competition. It was during this training session that he sustained an injury while landing due to the wind suddenly changing directions," said agency SM C &C.

Kim Byung Man stayed in the US for rehabilitation before he was flown back to South Korea for his recovery.

At the press conference, he said, "Besides being a little less flexible, nothing else has changed. I had a comfortable trip thanks to the other members. After getting injured once, I began to think more about safety. I now thoroughly prepare before doing anything."

Before the accident, he was the chief of the "Law of the Jungle" team and in the new season, he said, "I played the role of an aid. I felt satisfaction teaching someone how to hunt and then watching them succeed."

His miraculous recovery and return to his TV show were welcomed by stars who congratulated him.

"It is so amazing that you built up your body to join the jungle in just three months after getting injured," said boy band Wanna One.

Actor Seo Kang Joon wished him well and said, "If the opportunity comes, I will go to 'Law of the Jungle' again and have a fun time."

"I am so curious to see how you are doing. I will make sure to watch the broadcast. Please don't get hurt when you go to the jungle in the future, and don't push yourself too hard. Please be careful. It is not possible to have 'Law of the Jungle' without you," said actress UEE.