Zombie Apocalypse: Expert Explains How World Will Contain Living Dead Chaos

Several people believe that a zombie outbreak could cause the apocalypse, thus marking an end to the humankind in the future

As the entire world is busy containing the coronavirus outbreak, a top expert has revealed how the world will combat a probable zombie apocalypse in the future. Clare Sammells, an anthropologist at Bucknell University believes that dealing with a zombie apocalypse might be easier than containing coronavirus.

According to Sammells, dealing with a zombie apocalypse could be easier for authorities as they will know who is infected with the pathogen. "In reality, a disease like zombism would generally be very easy to contain. With a zombie epidemic, you would immediately know who was infected. There would be no moral ambiguity about how to handle the situation (except for feel-good zombie movies like Warm Bodies). You can't help them; they are already dead," said Sammells, Express.co.uk reports.

Unlike coronavirus pandemic, there will be no asymptomatic patients if a zombie outbreak happens, as most of the patients will show immediate symptoms. The anthropologist also added that there could be no incubation period for a zombie virus.

Human Cooperation Will Increase

Representational image of a human zombie Pixabay

In most of the Hollywood zombie movies, people used to turn violent in an attempt to curb the apocalyptic situation. However, Sammells believe that the world will unite and cooperate to fight against pandemics and apocalyptic situations, and the current coronavirus outbreak clearly shows how supportive humans are to one another. She also made it clear that healthcare workers like doctors and nurses will have a crucial role to play in the time of a zombie apocalypse.

"People are creating neighborhood networks. They are reaching out to friends to offer help. They are showing care and concern for each other. That desire to reach out and help people during a crisis is often missing in zombie films, which tend to assume that we will all descend into Aggressively Individualistic Survival Mode unless forced to do otherwise. But that's not really how people are, most of the time," Sammells added.