Yubin gets emotional in farewell letter to Wonder Girls' fans

Yubin thanked her fans for supporting her and the girl group through tough times.

Wonder Girls
Wonder Girls. wondergirls.jype.com

South Korean singer and actress Kim Yu-bin, professionally known as Yubin, wrote a heartfelt letter to the fans of girl group Wonder Girls which officially disbanded on January 26, following problems with renewal of contracts of some of the band members.

Yubin posted her letter on the official fan-site of JYP Entertainment and linked it to her post on Twitter. Website Allkpop, which reported the story, posted her entire message where she thanked her fans for standing by her through tough times and with the girl group members as well.

"It's already February of 2017. I'm greeting you guys for the first time in awhile. Our Wonderfuls... probably were hurt and confused by the reports. I should've taken more care of you guys but I'm sorry that I couldn't talk with you sooner. Thanks to all the prayers and support during my farewell with my father; I believe he'll be watching me comfortably from above. I'm trying to do well as I depend on my family. Thank you," she wrote.

Wonder Girls who were dubbed 'Korea's retro queens' in an Allkpop article published in October 2016, were called so because they prominently featured early 20th century styles in their songs as well as their dresses while recording music video tracks of their albums. Notable tracks include 'Nobody' and 'Why So Lonely' among others. Yubin debuted as a rapper of Wonder Girls on September 2007. She has written lyrics for Wonder Girls' second album 'Wonder World.' Her lyrics include the songs 'Girls Girls' and 'Sweet Dreams' among others.

As Wonder Girls disbanded, Yubin decided to renew her contract and stay with JYP Entertainment. She was part of the final digital single 'Draw Me' which was released on January 10, 2017, the date of their 10th anniversary. One can look at the beautiful cover-art here.

"February 10, 2017, is a very precious, special day to us and it's heavy on my mind that I am reaching out to you guys like this. A lot of memories come to mind as I greet our 10th anniversary. I can see the path that we walked on since 2007 to this moment. The trust, support, and encouragement by Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls will always remain a big part of my life. I will never forget the love and support that many fans gave Wonder Girls' for the past 10 years and I will show a good side of me. I'm thankful and thankful for the overflowing love," she wrote in her letter.

Yubin finished her letter saying: "Thanks to Wonderful and everyone who has loved our music for your endless love and support. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. I'll treasure every moment we shared and would like to send you back my love and support. Thank you and thanks for being so Wonderful. Once again, I sincerely appreciate everyone who watched and loved Wonder Girls."

The owner of JYP Entertainment, singer J.Y. Park, also thanked the girl group for the last 10 years, as reported by Allkpop. His Instagram message read: "Beautiful and special young girls...humble, diligent, pure, wise...started with the music that I made but finished at the top with the music they made... It's another step, a new page in your lives but don't be scared. As long as you stay true to who you are the world will know how special you are :)"

This article was first published on February 10, 2017