Xiaomi to launch Mi Mix successor with a dual-display design and probably an under-display selfie camera

The next-gen Mi Mix doesn't feature both the screens on the front itself

Following the rave reviews of its predecessors, Xiaomi is assembling a next-generation version for 2020. Although the Xiaomi flagship device already has a quite high anticipation around it, we seldom find any convincing leaks or rumours about it. However, the Chinese conglomerate has been spotted registering patents for the upcoming Mi Mix cites more details about it.

Mi Mix 2020
There was a lot of confusion earlier about the device name. Some report guessed the smartphone might get launched as Mi Mix 4. But sometime later, a Weibo post claimed the Mi flagship would appear in the market as Mi Mix 2020 or Mix 2020.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2020 Patent
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2020 patent image hints new features Slashleaks

The all-new features
The leaked patent image hints the upcoming Mi Mix flagship smartphone would appear with two instead of one display. However, the next-gen Mi Mix doesn't feature both the screens on the front itself. Instead, the smartphone boasts a screen on its back as well.

According to the leaked featured image, the secondary display would be housed below the primary dual camera module. The placement of the secondary display raises questions about how the screen could be utilised in the device.

Under-display selfie Camera?

The Mi Mix 2020 patent design clearly shows the front display didn't leave any space for the selfie camera. So many people might get confused whether the upcoming smartphone would come with an under-display camera. But the answer to it probably is a big no. Because the secondary display placement clearly hints, it would help its users' to take a selfie with the help of it and possibly the in-display fingerprint sensor would also be associated with it to boast single-handed use.

Earlier Leaks

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2020 appeared in rumour mill a week ago, tipping the premium smartphone would come with an OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate. It might also come with a Super Turbo technology to offer 100W fast charging. The upcoming charging standard would be capable of charging a smartphone battery worth 4000 mAh in a mere 17 minutes.

Mi Mix 3
Representative Image Xiaomi