WWE Smackdown suffers an embarrassing botch-up on its latest episode

During the otherwise brilliant match involving The New Day and the team of Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, one wrestler was forced to undersell a finisher.

The December 20 episode of WWE Smackdown was not bad. It had a couple of good matches. The best one may well have been the tag-team contest involving the champions of the division New Day against the team of Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.

The match was full of heart-stopping action and audacious moves. All four people involved in the contest are great athletes and provide much entertainment with their unique offensive style. But the match was slightly blighted by a botch-up.

This happened when Kofi Kingston was hit with Cesaro's trademark finisher – the pop-up upper-cut – and was ready to be pinned. As the referee was making the three count, Big E started to enter the ring to break up the count. However, he was too far away to break up the count and therefore, Kofi was forced to kick out of Cesaro's finisher.

Cesaro Kofi Kingston
Kofi kicks out of Cesaro's finisher Twitter/WWE

It was clear to all who watched it that this was a big botch. The plan clearly was for Big E to intervene at the very last moment and prevent his partner from getting pinned. For some reason, Big E was late in his move and therefore, his fellow tag-team champion needed to undersell the Swiss Superhero's very impressive finishing maneuver.

Eventually, the New Day won with Kofi using a roll-up to pin Cesaro. The story didn't end there as the losing team, along with their manager Sami Zayn, started attacking the champions. This brought out Braun Strowman, who has been out of action for some time, to take on the three offending wrestlers.

Strowman unleashed himself on the trio of Cesaro, Nakamura, and Zayn before the three high-tailed it from the ring. It seems as if there will be a three-man tag-team match next week involving all six men who were part of this scuffle. Strowman would join New Day and Zayn would compete alongside his friends. Hopefully, this match would be without a botch.