WWE Legend on Brock Lesnar's Wife: Sable Thought She was a F**king Big Star, but She was Just a Model for Horny Audience

Former WWE legend Jim Cornette has spoken about Sable, star wrestler of Attitude Era, in his latest video on his YouTube channel. He has stated that he disliked her personality and her in-ring skills while calling her the female "Ultimate Warrior".

WWE Legend on Brock Lesnar's Wife: Sable Thought She was a F**king Big Star, an Enhanced Silicone Model for horny audience
Jim Cornette and Sable. Jim Cornette Twitter/WWE

Responding to a fan's question, Jim Cornette claimed that he did not like her as well as the concept of Sable, who is the wife of Brock Lesnar. According to him, the eye-candy of WWE in the 90s did not show any interest to learn the business nor put efforts to get along well with fellow wrestlers.

Why does He call her Female Ultimate Warrior?
"Sticking in there purely because of her f**ing appearance has been done before with guys and that's why I've always called her the female Ultimate Warrior," he said. For Cornette, he will accept people without talent, but the person should ask for help from their co-workers.

Fake Personality
"Instead the female Ultimate Warrior got the big head, believed her in own publicity, thought that she was better than everybody else. She didn't want to learn how to work, did not want to learn how to help, get the opponents over, didn't want to fu**ing do anything otherwise go out there and be on TV and then become a movie star.

So I didn't like the concept of Sable because it was these two post-adolescent men acting like pre-pubescent boys over this surgically enhanced silicone model that had no personality no talent for the business no charisma of any kind excerpt to stand there with fake t**s hanging out for the fu**ing horny audience that they were selling to at the time," he added.

Finished Off Lesnar's Career
The 59-year old continues, "She thought she was a f**king big star. Tell me the one time she ever cut a promo that anybody could even listen to much less remember to tell me the great match she ever had? I was there when they changed Luna Vachon hitting across the back of the head with the belt to shoving it into her kidneys. She was afraid that Luna the best worker on a female rooster was going to hurt her probably would have out of goddamn animosity because all the rest of the girls hated her too,"

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar. Reuters

He further claims that Sable was on good terms with WWE boss Vince McMahon and all the important people in the company. Jim Cornette alleges that she almost finished off Brock Lesnar's career in her bid to become a movie star.

This article was first published on April 2, 2021