World's loneliest frog Romeo hunting for love online: Scientists race to save endangered species

Romeo frog

In an effort to save an endangered frog species, Global Wildlife Conservation in association with Match, the world's largest relationship company has set up a fundraising company to find a mate for Romeo, the one and only Sehuencas water frog which exist in the world.

The lovesick amphibian has been looking for a mate since it was first discovered from the wild a decade ago, and until now, researchers have not succeeded in finding a partner for Romeo.

Now, as a final step, researchers have introduced him to the world of online dating. Environmentalists and animal lovers aim to raise awareness about endangered species through this fundraising campaign. The Global Wildlife Conservation and Match have teamed up with Bolivian Amphibian Initiative in this noble effort.

"When biologists collected Romeo 10 years ago, we knew the Sehuencas water frog, like other amphibians in Bolivia, was in trouble, but we had no idea we wouldn't be able to find a single other individual in all this time. Romeo started to call for a mate about a year after he was brought into captivity, but those calls have slowed in the last few years," said Arturo Muñoz, founder of the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative, read a Press release issued by Global Wildlife.

Researchers believe that they are still hopeful of finding other Sehuencas water frogs so that a conservation breeding program can be implemented to save this species.

Through this campaign, Global Wildlife, Match and Bolivian Amphibian Initiative aim to raise $1500 by this Valentines Day. The fund raised through this campaign will be used to conduct expeditions to locations where this species was once found abundantly.

"For over 20 years Match has helped singles successfully find meaningful relationships and we believe there is truly someone for everyone. Finding a match for Romeo is a new challenge for us, but in the interest of saving an entire species, we gladly and confidently accept," said Hesam Hosseini, Chief Executive Officer of Match.

Since its discovery, Romeo has been living in an aquarium in the Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d'Orbigny in Cochabamba City, Bolivia. Arturo Munoz said that Romeo is a shy frog who loves to stay under the rocks in most of the times. As per Munoz, the frog will peek out only when keepers serve him favorite meals like earthworms and snails.

If you wish to donate for this noble cause, you can visit to the official profile of Romeo.