Woori The Virgin Producers Spill on Awkwardness Between Im Soo Hyang, Hong Eun Hee During Production

The producers of Woori The Virgin have shared some details about the challenges they faced during production. They revealed that Im Soo Hyang and Hong Eun Hee were at first not comfortable with their mother-daughter roles. They were awkward during the script reading, the producers added.

The mini-series is the Korean remake of the famous American sitcom Jane The Virgin. It features Soo Hyang in the title role and Eun Hee as her mother, Oh Eun Ran. Oh Woo Ri accidentally got pregnant after artificial insemination during her visit to the hospital for a medical examination. The drama will premiere on MBC this Tuesday, May 9, at 10 pm KST. It will begin by featuring the unexpected encounter between Woo Ri and Raphael.

With just a couple of days left for the premiere, the producers shared some details about the show, including the promotional stills. The photos feature Woo Ri, her mother Eun Ran, and Seo Gwi Nyeo, portrayed by Yeon Woon Kyung, enjoying a TV show in the living room. While Woo Ri and her grandmother focused on the show, Eun Ran sat expressionlessly.

"Woori the Virgin will begin with Oh Woo Ri stepping foot in Raphael's unbelievable world. Keep an eye out for the choices Oh Woo Ri and her family will make as they go through various trials, as well as how they will grow together", the producers teased.

Woori The Virgin
A poster of the upcoming SBS drama Woori The Virgin. Twitter

Awkwardness Between Im Soo Hyang and Hong Eun Hee

The production team also spilled about the filming struggles due to the uneasy atmosphere on the set. According to the team, Soo Hyung and Eun Hee initially found it hard to get into their respective characters. They felt awkward about their mother-daughter roles.

"Im Soo Hyang and Hong Eun Hee were awkward in their mother-daughter roles at the script reading, but as soon as the first day of filming began, they grew completely immersed in their roles as Oh Woo Ri and Oh Eun Ran. They carried the first part of the drama", the producers shared.

How to Watch Woori The Virgin?

Woori The Virgin will premiere on MBC this Tuesday, May 9, at 10 pm KST. K-drama fans can tune into the broadcasting channel or stream it on the official website to watch the first episode. International viewers can enjoy the drama on various streaming platforms.