Woman Spends a Fortune For 39th Boob Job; Aims to Win World's Biggest Bust Award

A woman who wants to have the title as the person with the world's biggest breasts spent a whopping $450,000. She is undergoing a boob job for the 39th time in her life changing her cup size from 32-KKK to 32-OOO.

Sheyla Hershey is undergoing plastic surgery despite nearly experiencing death four times previously as her boob job went awry but managed to survive to see another day with the help of medications.

Sheyla Hershey Worlds Biggest Breasts 32-OOO Cup
Twitter / Sheyla Hershey

It is reported that surgeons would pump in saline in her bust implants along with other medical procedures and turn her assets in to the world's biggest bust with a cup size of 32-OOO which is never seen before.

The 41-year-old Sheyla, who is a mother of one, revealed she wants to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest breasts and doesn't mind spending a fortune to achieve her dreams.

The woman, who was born and raised in Brazil stated that she was bullied by several people during her childhood and growing up years as she was told and laughed at for having a body structure similar to a ''man's body''.

Sheyla said the bullying was so intense that it hurt her a lot and was since determined to change her looks and live it up largely as a woman. ''They said I had no shape or curves, was fat, had no breasts and wasn't very pretty, which hurt me a lot,'' she told The Sun.

She said she wants to show bullies that no one can ever call her ugly names and hurt her feelings. ''I was determined to change my body and look beautiful, so that no bully could ever tell me I was ugly ever again and that's what I've done.''

Sheyla Hershey Worlds Biggest Breasts 32-OOO Cup
Twitter / Sheyla Hershey

When asked if she's worried about how the upcoming plastic surgery might turn out to be, Sheyla stated that she's a little bit worried as it's a matter of life and death but stated that she'd rather die having bigger breasts that with small ones. ''I am concerned about my upcoming surgery because I'm opening Pandora's box again but I'd rather die happy with huge breasts than be sad and unhappy.''

During her previous surgeries, Sheyla suffered from serious infections twice and slipped into depression and would cry a lot as the medications were too much to take and also attempted suicide twice. After she got pregnant and delivered a girl child, she suffered from post-natal depression and attempted to end her life once.