Woman Bites a Cop and Tries to Strangle a DOG Over Mask Mandate in an Aussie Supermarket

The officer was bitten by the woman when they tried to separate her from the dog while she was attempting to strangle it.

A woman allegedly bit a Queensland police officer during a mask row while trying to strangle a dog in Brisbane, Australia. The bizarre incident took place at a supermarket northwest of Brisbane. The 48-year-old woman in question entered a Nanango IGA without a mask and refused to wear one when urged by the staff. She was reported to be 'uncooperative towards staff' over the issue of the mask. The identity of the woman is not clear at the moment.

According to Queensland Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski, when the woman was challenged y the police for not wearing a mask in an IGA at Nanango, she went on a spree of violence and assaulted a police officer while trying to bite them and even attempted to strangle a dog. The woman allegedly started rolling around on the ground with her dog after police approached her. The officer was bitten by the woman when they tried to separate the woman from the dog and arrest her.

Toy Fox Terrier
Dog (Representational Picture) Wikimedia Commons

The woman was arrested

"As police approached the woman, she allegedly dropped to ground, pulling hard on the leash of her small dog and (began) rolling on to it," a police spokesperson said. The woman was arrested and was charged with three counts obstruct police, one count each of failing to comply with public health direction, breach of duty of care by inappropriate handling, committing public nuisance, and serious assault of police officer by biting.

Further details about the incident or the parties involved were not available at the moment. The identity of the officer who was assaulted was not clear at the moment. It was also not clear to what extent the officer was injured and if they were sent to the hospital for treatment.

Gollschewski said that it's important to give people a chance to comply with the system to understand what's required and work with them in the changing scenario of the pandemic.