Wisconsin State Capitol crowded with thousands protesting against coronavirus lockdown

People have been raising their concern about the possibility of an increased number of cases in the state

In the largest demonstration in the United States, thousands of people gathered in the Wisconsin State Capitol on Friday, April 24. The protesters were condemning the actions of the Governor in the state who was believed to have ordered the extension of the coronavirus lockdown under the present circumstances. The present lockdown is supposed to be extended until May 26.

It was one of the largest gatherings the country has seen against the lockdown. People have been sharing pictures of the thousands who gathered in Wisconsin on social media. Wisconsin's elected party officials and Republicans encouraged the people to attend the protest but only a few of them were seen in the gathering.

Conservative groups in some parts of the US have been showing resistance to the lockdown. The event on Friday was promoted through Facebook and by conservative radio hosts. The state health department in Wisconsin announced 304 new cases of coronavirus on Friday, the most since the pandemic began in the state.

Protesters were uneasy about 'listening to the professionals'

Wisconsin State Capitol
Wisconsin State Capitol Wikimedia Commons

According to the New York Times reports, one protester told the crowd that "You're being told to sit down and shut up because your opinion does not matter and you have to listen to professionals."

Speakers were talking about how people should be questioning the professionals. The protesters were also expressing their concern over local businesses that were closed. The recent protests in some of the states in the United States show the dissatisfaction of some of the Americans over the restrictions.

In the overcrowded gathering, some were also seen to be wearing masks while protesting. Even in Madison streets downtown people were circling in their cars as a sign of protest. The police maintained the six feet distance from the protesters but did not enforce social distancing upon them.

People held signs that read 'Wake up this is about freedom' and 'Better to die on your feet than live on your knees. Stand for the constitution.' Some of the protesters were also wearing Trump capes and hats.

Social media raised their concern by sharing the pictures

Several netizens have been sharing the pictures and raising their concern over what is happening in Wisconsin. People have also raised concern over the possibility that there will be a surge in the number of cases because of the protests.

Health care workers place 1,300 candles for the patients

Prior to the protest for anti-stay-home in Wisconsin State Capitol health care workers lit 1,300 candles for the hospitalizations in the state because of the coronavirus on Thursday, April 23. The doctors and nurses said that they are lighting the candles to raise awareness about the cases of coronavirus in the state. The health care workers were also concerned for the Anti Stay at Home rally that was being held the next day.

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