Will Sulli will go completely naked in Real? Actress shares nude bodysuit image on Instagram

Sulli will be playing rehabilitation therapist Song Yoo Hwa in the movie.

Sulli reportedly shot a bed scene with Kim Soo Hyun in film Real Instagram/jelly_jilli

South Korean actress/singer Sulli was rumoured to have exposed her bust while shooting an intimate scene in an upcoming movie. And now, fans are eager to know if the former member of girl group f(x) will go completely nude for the film, Real.

Sulli will be playing rehabilitation therapist Song Yoo Hwa in the movie. A spokesperson from the film's distribution agency, C&J Entertainment, told Newsen: "I cannot confirm any other details beside the fact that Sulli is taking a part in 'Real.' Nothing else can be confirmed at this point. We have not even determined the release date for the film, so it is difficult to share any details."

Previously it was revealed that the 22-year-old artist did not use any body double while shooting a topless scene with Kim Soo Hyun. A source told Allkpop: "Sulli tried a bed scene for the first time, and she ended up exposing her bust. Usually, actresses are very cautious and overwhelmed in scenes of exposure and use a body double, but Sulli captured attention as she tried out the scenes herself."

The insider continued: "She did use a body double in full body exposure and other provocative scenes, but she handled quite a lot of scenes herself, which greatly surprised the producers. Exposing her top was already a challenge for her, and we're just thankful that she portrayed the scene with amazing acting."

Meanwhile, Sulli shared her nude bodysuit image on the picture sharing site, Instagram. In the picture, she is seen lying on the floor, and playing with her hair band.