Will Smith Gets 10-Year Academy Ban But Can Make Movies and Even Win Oscars

The ten-year ban from Oscars on Will Smith has failed to dissuade his fans and followers as they have flooded the social media with comments hinting at his successful acting career.

Celebrating the fact that Smith will continue making movies and will be nominated for the Oscars in addition to attending the after-parties, the fans have heaved a sigh of relief.

Smith's supporters have also stated that owing to his good character and behavior, the Academy will consider reducing his ban duration in the coming years.

Chris Rock and Will Smith
Stills from the video that has gone viral on social media. Twitter

Supporters and Detractors Are Strongly Opinionated

At the same time, some of the ardent admirers of the actor are voicing their resentment against the Academy for banning him from Oscars calling it a bad decision. They are even alleging the Academy of being biased for targeting Smith for his "genuine reaction" and letting the criminals like Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski retain their awards. Smith had slapped Chris Rock out of his love and respect for Jada Pinkett Smith, the admirers added further.

However, Smith's detractors have created a furor on social media alleging the Academy office bearers and members for letting the actor get away with uncalled for behavior.

They have shared the funniest of memes that portray the actor in a bad physical shape and a stooping old man.

Reportedly, Will Smith has accepted the Academy's decision and would comply to the same.

A Twitter user expressed his opinion stating, "Will Smith has been banned from attending the Oscars for the next ten years. This feels more like a reward than a punishment. He can also still be nominated and win Oscar awards going forward. So this is basically nothing."

"The Academy did not say that Will Smith can't be nominated but this 10 year ban definitely sends a message that you shouldn't vote for him if he is nominated so it effectively bars him from winning an Oscar for years," wrote a twitter user.

Another user voiced, "will Smith's ban is no racism & stop counting others who supposedly deserve the axe. Out of all those people, who went on stage & assaulted another black man on live television at the Oscars? A full on ban was mandatory here, call me whatever but this he deserves! #JadaPinkettSmith."