Will Shiba Inu (SHIB) Token Investors Turn Millionaires After 2030?

Thousands of people have invested their hard-earned money in meme token Shiba Inu and they are waiting for the 1 cent dream to come true. But is it really possible for Shiba Inu to fulfill this target? Investor Warren Buffet, who recently invested in a crypto-friendly bank, had once stated, "If you don't feel comfortable owning a stock for 10 years, you shouldn't own it for 10 minutes."

The billionaire investor himself held on to his assets for long time and even during the 2008 market crash wherein $23 billion worth of his fortune had been wiped out, he took the risk of holding on to his assets while many investors sold off their holdings, according to WatcherGuru. Reportedly, Buffet's stock value at present-day has more than tripled making him bag a spot among the richest men in the world.

Buffet sets a great example when it comes to gaining by holding assets for long term, which brings better results than short term goals. Crypto whale tracking site, WatcherGuru also reports that "the market has its ups and downs and only the ones who bite their teeth and hold on could eventually make it."

Shiba Inu Coin
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Will Shiba Inu Investors become millionaires after 2030? The answer is negative. The crypto market is unpredictable with a lot of ups and downs. The market seems to be for those with their bags filled with lots of cash and not for the faint-hearted as it can be brutal when it crashes. Not everyone is capable of handling this that kind of a situation for such a long time.

Shiba Inu Current Price

As per CoinMarketCap, Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00002758 down by -4.75% with a market cap of $16,292,499,647 while Bitcoin was trading at a $39,839.48, which is down by -1.51% with a market cap of $836,629,164,417 in a day's trade.

This article was first published on February 19, 2022