Will Seo Ye Ji Attend 57th Baeksang Arts Awards After Back-to-Back Controversies?

Seo Ye Ji, who has been facing back-to-back controversies in recent times, seems to have got the opportunity to leave those bitter memories behind. It is because she is reportedly in talks with the organisers of the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards Show to attend the event.

Seo Ye Ji
Seo Ye Ji. Seo Ye Ji Instagram

The actress has won Popular Female Actor Award (Female) and Kim Seo Ho has bagged the Popular Actor Award (Male), respectively. She is also said to be leading in the TikTok Popularity Star category. Hence, the organisers initiated talks with her to attend the event, which will be held on 13 May.

However, it has to be seen whether or not she accepts the offer. The actress has been hitting headlines for the wrong reasons in the last couple of months. The negative publicity forced her to withdraw from the forthcoming drama Island.

In fact, she had refused to attend the press conference of the drama.

Despite the controversies, Seo Ye Ji leading TikTok Popularity Star category clearly indicates that she still enjoys massive love and support from the audience.

Firstly, there were school bullying and violence allegations against her. If it was not enough, It's Okay to Not Be Okay actress landed in more trouble after Dispatch came out with a report stating that her former boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun refused to do skinship scenes with Seohyun in The Times in 2018 as per Seo Ye Ji's orders.

Leaked Chat
The chat conversation between the former couple was leaked and Kim Jung Hyun's apology gave credence to the allegations of Seo Ye Ji interfering in his work.

Going by the report on Dispatch, Kim Jung Hyun had alleged caused lots of pain to his co-star Seohyun while forcing the writers to rewrite the script on the orders of the then-girlfriend. A total of 13 skinship scenes were removed from the drama following which his character fell out of the story, the report added.

Even as she was trying to overcome these controversies, a former staff made allegations of verbal abuse and harassment.