Will Rapist Cho Doo Soon Return to Ansan? Gripped By Fear, Victim's Family Tries to Keep Him Away

Cho Doo Soon was sentenced to 12-year jail term for raping an 8-year-old girl in a public toilet in December 2008.

The Cho Doo Soon case that had shocked South Korea in December 2008 is back in news as the rape convict is said to be returning to Ansan, the place of the crime in South Korea, making the victim's family live in fear. Cho Doo Soon is completing his 12-year jail term soon and the victim's family wants to leave no stone unturned to keep him away from the village.

In December 2008, 8-year-old Na Yeong was returning from school, when 57-yeear-old Cho Doo Soo of the same village pulled the girl to the public squat toilet and sexually assaulted her. She was not only raped but her internal organs were also damaged. Cho Doo Soon was sentenced to 12-year jail term, which is coming to an end by the end of this year.

Rape and harassment

Victim Still Traumatized, Family Lives in Fear

According to reports, the convict wants to come back to Ansan and live there. But according to Allkpop the victim is still living in trauma and had to go through a lot mentally as well as physically all these years and doesn't want the daughter to live in fear for the rest of her life. Thus the family is ready to take out a loan if they can keep him away from the village. The victim's father has requested the government to prevent the convict from returning to Ansan.

The report stated that the victim still has to wear a diaper at home or whenever she goes out. She still has to carry the largest sanitary pad in her bag when she steps out of the house. The father has said that he feels like a sinner because he couldn't protect his daughter then.

He also said that if Cho Doo Soon was self-reflecting on his actions, why would he come back to the place of the crime? He spoke to Chosun Ilbo news website and said that he still doesn't believe in the convict's assurance. He also told the website even after 10 years the family cannot enjoy watching TV together. If there is a news or information about sexual offence, his daughter still faints. She still watches cartoons on TV.

What the Victim Had to Go Though

Explaining how the victim survived the heinous crime and her sufferings, her father said that after the incident, she had to wear a bowel pouch to her leg. She had to be taken to Seoul twice a week for treatment for four years until she graduated from elementary school. Sometimes the bowel pouch would burst and she had to make other arrangements so that she is not embarrassed in front of her classmates.

He specially thanked his daughter's homeroom teacher for helping her out. He said that initially he had tried to convince his daughter to leave Ansan, but she started crying as she was scared to live in a new place. She had said that her friends and teachers understood her and that she would not be able to make any new friends or think that they will understand her if they move to a new place.

She had to undergo multiple surgeries to restore her organs but is said to be suffering from the side effects including diarrhea. Despite all these problems the girl attended school whenever she could and completed her schooling and is pursuing college studies now.

That is the reason family still lives in Ansan and now the news of return of Doo Soon is making them live in fear again. Even to this day, the family members carry walkie talkies that can connect to people in their contact within a 50-km radius in case something happens. They also carry a gas gun for self defense.

The victim's father said that he cannot believe Doo Soon's words as he had denied his crime repeatedly in the court stating that the victim's memory was wrong. He did not show any remorse nor was self reflecting. Every time they met in the court Doo Soon had glared at him with hostility.

He expressed fear that if he returns to Ansan, the family might have to be on the run for the safety of their daughter. The Cho Doo Soon case had shocked the entire South Korea and the 2013 movie Hope was based on the life of the victim. The movie directed by Lee Joon ik starred Sol Kyung G, Uhm Ji Won and Lee Re.