'Will Meet in Heaven', Ukraine Child Writes in Letter to Her Mother Before Russian Shelling Killed Her

A Ukrainian schoolgirl wrote an emotional letter to her mother who was killed when Russians shelled both in their car. The mother and her child were attempting to flee as their car was hit by a rocket in Borodianka.

"We will meet in heaven," the girl child stated in a handwritten journal. "I will try my best to be good to go to heaven also," she added.

The letter, which was shared by Ukrainian MP Anton Gerashchenko on Twitter, is believed to be from March 8.

Ukrainian child's letter to her mother
Ukrainian child's letter to her mother Twitter

"The Best Mum in The World"

"Mama. This letter is a present for you on March 8," she mentioned in the childish script with some grammatical errors, according to The Mirror.

Calling her mother the best mom in the world, she said: "If you think that you raised me in vain. Thank you for the best nine years of my life. I am very grateful to you for my childhood. You are the best mum in the world. I will never forget you."

Be Happy in The Sky

Further, the child told her mother that she wants her to be happy in the sky, "I want you to be happy in the sky. I wish you go to heaven. We will meet in heaven."I will try my best to be good to go to heaven also."

"Kiss you, Galiya."

It came as horrific scenes have emerged from Bucha where civilians' dead bodies were lying on the road. Bucha, a town near Kyiv, was liberated a week back as Russian troops started withdrawing from the Kyiv area and started focusing on the east.

The West has accused Russia of war crimes and targeting civilians in the war despite Moscow's assurances that it will only target military installations.

However, Russia has denied the allegations and released videos claiming that Ukrainian soldiers were killing unarmed Russian troops when their hands were tied.

Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid a visit to Kyiv on Saturday and assured that the West will continue to supply Kyiv with armored vehicles and missiles.