Will Great Conjunction Give Superpowers to Blacks? Conspiracy Theorists Fuel End of World Rumors

As Jupiter and Saturn arrive closer to create the rarest of the rare cosmic event, also called the Great Conjunction, on December 21, conspiracy theorists have fueled the rumors of the end of the world. Christian evangelist Pastor Paul Begley has claimed that the cosmic event would set Earth's doomsday rolling.

The cosmic event happens once every two decades. What makes this year's conjunction special is it being the closest visible since 1226. The next Great Conjunction will be visible on March 15, 2080.

The Great Conjunction
The Great Conjunction will be visible on December 21 Twitter

'Great Conjunction Is a Prophetic Sign'

With the planets coming as close as 0.1 degrees, the conjunction is likely to resemble a Christmas Star of Bethlehem from the Bible's New Testaments.

The theory about world ending on December 21 was first fueled following the discovery of Mayan calendar which ended on December 21.

Adding the religious angle to the popular theory, Christian televangelist Paul Begley, while maintaining that the days of humanity are numbered, claimed that these cosmic events are all signs conveyed by the ultimate superpower.

"The Grand Conjunction is a prophetic sign, I believe, that's letting us know you're in the Messianic era, that you're in the apocalyptic era because we're not going to see this sign again. "Jesus certainly is coming back before 500 years, maybe? I would almost guarantee it, but I'm not God. If it isn't, then the world will be so wicked I won't even know if we can recognize it. But one thing's for sure, there's going to be more signs in the heavens than even this one," Begley was quoted by Express.

Black People to Get Superpowers on Dec 21

The other conspiracy theory doing rounds on social media is the hoax claim that black people will be bestowed with superpowers on winter solstice. The twitter was trending with #NegroSolstice and #BlackTwitter with several fueling the rumors.

"As black people, genetically we are stronger and smarter than everyone else, we are more creative, on December 21 our Real DNA will be unlocked and the majority will be able to do things that we thought were fiction," tweeted a user.

"Learn who you are as a people. They wanna make us average," responded another user. On December 21, the Christmas Star will be visible from 6.30 pm GMT.