Will aliens invade earth? A new poll reveals human predictions

A UFO investigator had recently revealed that the world will face chaos if aliens invade earth, as we are not prepared


Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that aliens are living in the deep nooks of the universe, and they will one day visit the earth to invade humans. A section of people argues that UFO sightings that happen all across the globe are indicative of alien existence, and a possible invasion on the earth will undoubtedly be catastrophic in nature.

1 in 5 people believe aliens will invade earth

A recent poll conducted by FOX ahead of its "War Of The Worlds" reboot in the United Kingdom revealed that 1 in 5 people expect an alien invasion in the next 50 years. Almost 22 per cent of those who took part in the survey claimed that aliens will not have good intentions while visiting the earth, and they revealed that their lives will be in danger if extraterrestrials invade the blue planet.

71 per cent of the participants believe that they will face danger from humans themselves amid the chaos created by an alien invasion.

"This new survey supports my firm view that there needs to be a government plan for the first contact with extraterrestrials – irrespective of whether they turn out to be hostile or friendly. These fascinating findings say as much about distrust of government denials on UFOs as they do about people's belief in extraterrestrial visitation," said UFO investigator Nick Pope.

World to face chaos if aliens attack earth

Recently, Nick Pope who was a former Ministry of Defense UFO investigator, had claimed that the world is not prepared for an alien invasion. As per Nick Pope, humans have various strategies to search for aliens, but we do not know what to do if aliens make the first contact.

"If it came to a real-life War of the Worlds, there's no alien invasion war plan – we'll just have to wing it. Conspiracy theorists will doubtless say there is a plan, buried somewhere deep within government, but I promise there isn't. If there was, I would have been responsible for writing it," said Pope.

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