Why Was North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Angry For 2 Consecutive Days?

Leader of North Korea appeared in a meeting on Saturday and discussed military plans

North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un has been seen angry for two consecutive days, said reports expressing apprehension over what could have triggered it, and what implication it would have on the nation's escalating Coronavirus infections.

Kim Jong Un presided over a Central Military Commission meeting of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea on Saturday, July 18, in Pyongyang. He also discussed "the key issues of further bolstering a war deterrent of the country," according to these reports. The Japanese, US, and Korean media stated that the term "war deterrence" was used in this conference, unlike the May conference in which "deterrence of nuclear war" was discussed.

Kim Jong un smoking
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On Sunday, July 19, Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of Pyongyang General Hospital, which is expected to be completed by October, during the 75th anniversary of the establishment of Workers' Party of Korea. Last time, Kim was seen almost a hundred days ago on April 10-11, when he attended a military training session and addressed a political bureau conference.

As per some Korean and Japanese news reports, he seemed to be angry over various issues and the possible delay in the construction of the hospital, citing some pictures published in the North Korean newspaper. The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Pyongyang General Hospital was held on March 17 but it was delayed owing to prolonged economic sanctions and "Coronavirus Evil," while the scheduled opening of the hospital is just three months away on October 10.

It was not clear what was the exact issue bothering the North Korean dictator. Even though at the CMC meeting he said, ''We will arm the new generation of military commanders thoroughly with the revolutionary thought of our party," most likely the disorder of the military discipline had been the reason behind Kim Jong Un's anger, claimed the reports, since drug-related crimes are common and soldiers break into the private houses.

Kim Jong Un's anger apparently exploded during his Sunday visit to the Pyongyang General Hospital construction site after the North Korean leader received a report on the construction development from Pyongyang General Hospital Construction Union Managing Director, who is the in-charge at the site.

The North Korean dictator was reportedly not happy with the hospital construction progress and instructed to replace all of the field managers at the site. As the final date to complete the work of the hospital is just a few months away, site workers are struggling to complete the construction.