Why Did Salvador Ramos Shoot His Grandmother? Pure Evil, Mental Health Crisis or Hatred Against Women?

Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos shot at his grandmother before carrying out the massacre in Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, raising questions about his relationship with women in his life. Ramos's grandmother was hospitalized and is being treated for critical gunshot injuries.

The social media is abuzz with different theories pertaining to the circumstances that impelled Ramos to mercilessly kill innocent children.

A large faction of social media followers is pondering whether it was Ramos' hatred against women or domestic violence in his past life that forced him to carry out the monstrous act.

Salvador Ramos

Enact Laws to End Gun Culture in US

A report published by CNN stated that Ramos's grandmother was airlifted and taken to a hospital in San Antonio where she is undergoing treatment. State Sen. Roland Gutierrez stated that the old woman is still holding on.

Condemning the incident, the social media followers have called upon the US Government to come up with stringent laws against the manufacture, transfer and possession of guns in the country.

The followers also stated that an easy access to guns and mental health issues becomes a "lethal combination" as has been seen in the recent incidents. Thus, the government must put an end to the accessibility of guns, added the social media followers.

A Twitter user even referred to a comprehensive study conducted by a California University on school/mass/spree shooters of all ages that pointed towards common link between them i.e. their hatred towards women. The study stated that 89% killed a female relative, girlfriend or wife immediately prior to the event.

Another Twitter user while sharing his views wrote, "Salvador Ramos killed for 2 reasons: he was mentally ill & full of hatred. If he had no access to guns, he still would have killed. Until at least one person has the balls to take mental health issues & the hatred that is America seriously, more people will die, guns or no guns."

"Considering that Salvador Ramos killed his grandmother that morning, said he hated women, and cross dressed often, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he had some serious mommy and mental health issues," read a tweet.