Who Was Mark J. Capps? Grammy-Winning Recording Engineer Shot Dead by Police for Holding Wife and Stepdaughter Hostage at Gunpoint

Mark J. Capps, Grammy-Winning Recording Engineer, was shot dead by police, who were investigating claims that he had kidnapped his wife and stepdaughter, after he pointed a gun at them.

Don Aaron, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department public affairs director, said SWAT officers had approached the home without Capps knowing but he opened the front door holding a pistol.

The officers at the door yelled at him "Show me your hands!" SWAT Officer Kendall Coon told Capps to put up his hands and saw that the accused's movements posed an immediate imminent threat and fired shots at him.

Threatened to Kill Wife and Stepdaughter

Aaron said the Capps' wife and 23-year-old stepdaughter told that they were woken up at 3am by Capps who was holding a gun. They alleged that he put them in the living room at gunpoint and refused to allow them to leave. They said Capps threatened that if they tried to call anyone, he would shoot them and kill them along with any police that showed up at the house.

The 60-year-old mother and daughter managed to escape after Capps fell asleep. Aaron said the duo drove to the local Hermitage police station where the authorities issued an arrest warrant and informed SWAT about the incident as Capps had access to guns and his violent actions.

The SWAT was able to approach the house without Capps knowing but then he opened the front door holding out a pistol. An investigation has been initiated into the incident. The Davidson County District Attorney's Office is looking into the officers' actions to determine whether they met the high standards as they are expected to.

Mark J. Capps

Capps Worked With Big Names

Capps, the son of late Grand Old Opry lead house band guitarist Jimmy Capps, worked with big names like Olivia Newton-John, The Chicks, Barry Manilow, Dixie Chicks, Amy Grant and Big & Rich. He won four Grammy Awards with Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra for best polka album every year between 2006 and 2009.