Who was Kae Leader? Thailand Millionaire in Her 30s, 'Miss Sexy', Dies by Suicide

Kai Leader was one of the richest female CEOs in Thailand.

A Thailand Millionaire, Kae Leader, is reported to have died on Sunday, January 2. She was known by the name 'Miss Sexy' and is believed to have been in her 30s. The news of her death went viral on social media. She reportedly died of suicide.

Kae leader was one of the richest female CEOs in Thailand. She was also known as Kai Chief. According to Social Telecast, she graduated from the Doctor of Cosmetology Program and ran a clinic in Thailand. Kai made a great name and fame from the same. She was awarded the CEO Leader Award in 2018. Kae was a popular face in Thailand after appearing in a number of TV Shows.

Kae's sudden demise sent shock waves among her fans. An investigation into the incident is going on to establish a cause behind her death.

Kae Leader
Kae Leader Screen granb - YouTube@Igmat

Kae Leader jumped off a building

Social Telecast reported that the millionaire, who was also known as 'Miss Sexy' jumped off a building. The building in question was reportedly the construction site of her new clinic. She went to the terrace and jumped down to her death. Unfortunately, Kai died an agonizing and painful death after bleeding profusely for hours.

Kae Leader
Kae Leader Screen grab - YouTube@Igmat

The incident was captured on CCTV

She was rushed to the hospital in a critical state but could not be saved. Reports of a CCTV capturing the entire episode have also emerged. The video, however, was not available on the internet. More information about Kae's death or circumstances leading to it is not known at the moment.

No official statement from Kai Leader's company or her family has been released over her demise as of yet. Fans paid tribute to the popular businesswoman on social media.