Who Was Jack Snyder? Michigan Student Killed by 14-Year-Old and 13-Year-Old Boys in Attempted Carjacking After Offering Them Ride to Home

Snyder, who was remembered in his obituary as a "well-rounded student athlete" who played varsity soccer, had a funeral earlier on Friday.

A 17-year-old honor student was killed by a 14-year-old and a 13-year-old after he offered them a ride home from a birthday party, in a suspected incident of carjacking. Jack Snyder was shot during an attempted carjacking and was found lying next to his vehicle in Battle Creek, Michigan, at about 12:10 in the morning on January 17, according to authorities.

EMTs and medical personnel attempted to revive the 17-year-old in freezing conditions, but Snyder was pronounced dead at the site. On January 19, Judge Chimner, a 14-year-old boy, was arrested in connection with the murder of Snyder, while a 13-year-old turned himself in.

Killed Mercilessly

Jack Snyder
Jack Snyder Twitter

Authorities found a gun at the crime scene, but they were unable to identify the youngster who had fired the weapon. Battle Creek Police Sergeant Jeff Case, said during a press conference earlier this week that Snyder's intention to help resulted in getting killed by the suspects.

"The victim was trying to be a good Samaritan by giving them a ride with the cold temperatures. I do know that he resisted the carjacking. So again, he was trying to help out but wasn't just going to give over the car," Case said.

Jack Snyder
Jack Snyder Twitter

According to Fox 17, Chimner was charged on Friday with felony murder, carjacking, and two offenses involving weapons. He is being charged as an adult and could receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

The 13-year-old has already been charged with murder after turning himself in. There was no evidence linking the suspects to Snyder. Case claimed that they "had dealt with them before" but refused to disclose any criminal background.

Some Justice for Family

According to WOOD-TV, Snyder's family thanked the local officials "for bringing this to a quick resolution." Earlier this week, teachers marched in a vigil parade in Snyder's honor. Snyder, who was remembered in his obituary as a "well-rounded student athlete" who played varsity soccer, had a funeral earlier on Friday.

Jack Snyder
Family and friends paid tribute to Jack Snyder Twitter

Snyder was a member of the school's National Honor Society and was enrolled in a local community college's EMT program. "Jack had a zest for life and made the world a better place with his care and love for everyone. He loved spending time with his family and friends."

"On behalf of my family and I, we want to thank every single person that has reached out and came to see us," his sister Meadow wrote in a Facebook post.

Jack Snyder
Jack Snyder (center) Twitter

"I've heard from people that I haven't seen or heard from in years and it shows how much support we have during this never ending nightmare. My brother was 17. He was supposed to graduate this year and these monsters took his future away from him. He was the smartest out of all of us. He was gonna leave this sh**** place. He had the biggest heart, he cared so much for others."

They took our brother from our family It doesn't seem real, it's all fake news. I miss him so much." A soccer game has been planned in his honor, with the money going to the family, and several hashtags, including #JusticeforJack.