Who was Anwarul Azim Anar? Bangladesh MP's Brual Murder was Planned by a US Citizen

Name of US Citizen who is MP's friend has not been revealed yet

The investigation into the murder of Bangladesh MP Anwarul Azim Anar has revealed a shocking connection to the United States. According to a senior police officer, one of Anar's close friends, a US citizen, allegedly paid approximately $6,00,000 (Rs 50 million in Indian Currency) to have him killed.

Anar, who disappeared on May 13 in Kolkata, was found murdered, and three people have been arrested. Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan confirmed these details on Wednesday.

Anwarul Anar

The West Bengal Police announced that the state CID is now handling the investigation. "It was a well-planned murder," the officer said. "A substantial amount of money was involved, paid by an old friend of the MP, who is a US national and owns property in Kolkata."

Anar had traveled to Kolkata on May 12 for medical treatment. He was last seen on May 13, heading to a doctor's appointment from a friend's house in Baranagar, where he had been staying. The friend reported him missing on May 18 after losing contact with Anar on May 17.

CCTV footage showed Anar entering a luxury condominium in New Town on May 13 with three individuals. On May 14, two of these individuals were seen leaving with trolley bags. The third person left with additional luggage later that day.

The Bangladesh Home Minister stated that police from both India and Bangladesh are collaborating to uncover the motive and identify all those involved. "We are following all international protocols to solve this case," Khan said.

The West Bengal Crime Investigation Department has taken over the case. Two suspects detained by Dhaka police have reportedly confessed to the murder.

Further forensic examinations are ongoing at the suspected crime scene in Kolkata. As investigations continue, authorities from both nations are determined to bring justice to Anar and his family.