Who Was Albert Dyrlund? Danish YouTuber Falls 650 ft to Death While Filming Video in Italian Alps

Dyrlund was filming a video in Forcella Pana when he stumbled and fell from the top and died almost immediately.

A young Danish YouTuber and Instagram influencer fell to his death while filming a video for his channel in the Italian Alps, his family said on Friday. Albert Dyrlund died after falling hundreds of feet in the Italian Alps while filming a video. He was 22.

His death was confirmed by his mother Vibe Jørger Jensen who told Denmark's TV2 that Dyrlund fell hundreds of feet on Wednesday from the Italian Alps. This is the latest in a series of tragic accidents during social media stunts, when an influencer died while doing a video. Dyrlund's mother has asked for privacy.

Tragic Death

Albert Dyrlund
Albert Dyrlund Instagram

Jensen confirmed to the news channel that Dyrlund was in Italy lately and was filming a video in Forcella Pana, in the Italian Alps, when he lost control and fell over 650 feet. Forcella Pana is a scenic location high in the mountain range. While a rescue helicopter was deployed, it was too late, and Dyrlund was pronounced dead at the scene, Italian broadcaster Rai reported.

The tragic incident happened when Dyrlund was shooting at Mount Seceda in Val Gardena, Italian broadcaster Rai reported. Mount Seceda is in the Dolomites, a limestone mountain range in the Southern Limestone Alps known for their steep cliffs.

According to Ekstra Blade, the accident occurred on a hiking trail that links the two mountain peeks, characterized by steep and rocky slopes. The YouTuber's friends, who were also with him, told the outlet that Dyrlund stumbled while he was filming a video and fell from the top and hit rocks.

"We are in great grief, but I would like his fans to know," she said of the Dyrlund. The young YouTuber's death was also confirmed by Denmark's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Copenhagen's newspaper Ekstra Bladet.

Gone Too Soon

Although it was almost certain that Dyrlund had died at the spot, in a last ditch effort, he was flown to a hospital some 30 miles away, but it was of no use. Dense fog further made the rescue operation difficult.

Dyrlund at the time of his death had over 171,000 subscribers on YouTube. Besides, he had over 224,000 followers on Instagram. A number of his videos received over one million views, with three on his channel being watched over 5 million times.

His videos mainly comprised music videos and sketches, with some of his musical hits including 'emoji,' 'Waffles,' 'Ulla' and 'Summer.' In 2018, he also starred in a move named 'Team Albert,' a comedy about trying to make a living from YouTube.

According to Ekstra Bladet, Dyrlund has sparked some controversy for his more unusual content, such as videos in which he is seen shaving his head and licking snails.

Following his death, friends and fans took to Twitter to mourn the tragic young internet star. "Rest in peace Albert Dyrlund. This is pretty surreal. [H]e was only 22 years ... for internationals, he had been a Danish YouTuber since a young age and very known in Denmark," one fan tweeted.

"I'm completely out of it. I am ready to cry and empty of words. I can not understand it. I will forever remember all our memories... Thanks for this time, my friend. Rest in peace," fellow Danish YouTube sensation Rasmus Brohave tweeted in Danish.