Who is TiJae Baker? Missing Black Brooklyn Woman Gives Cryptic Call to Mother Begging to Be Rescued; Family Suspects Cult's Involvement

TiJae Baker, a 23-year-old woman from Brooklyn, has gone missing after she left for Washington D.C following an online job offer. TiJae, who left for the new destination on May 1, reportedly made a cryptic phone call to her mother, a month after her disappearance.

According to her family, TiJae was offered to make posters for a woman she had met online. An artist and art student, TiJae, left for Washington D.C on a bus.

Tijae Baker
23-year-old TiJae Baker is missing since May 1. Twitter

TiJae Made Cryptic Call From a Nail Salon

Speaking to ABC 7 News, TiJae's mother, Toquanna Baker said that the budding artist failed to contact them after reaching the destination. bus on May 1. A month later, Tijae called her mother from a nail salon in Maryland.

Urging someone to rescue her, the young woman told her mother to get her now. "She said just tell her mother to come get her -- now," revealed Roxanne Baker, TiJae's grandmother. Upon reaching Maryland, the family could not find the distressed woman.

The surveillance footage from the salon, shared by the family with the outlet, shows TiJae pacing around while being on the phone. Claiming that the she found out the woman who offered her daughter the job, Baker said that it is possible that TiJae might be forced to join some cult.

"For somebody to lure my daughter into another state. I have to deal with this, and this is going to affect my daughter's life forever," Toquanna said, adding that TiJae's phone also stopped ringing.

Uproar On Social Media

Apart from the family, the missing had also caused an uproar on social media with many posting her pictures and asking others to help find her. "Attention DC folks: TiJae Baker is a college student from Brooklyn who went to DC to make posters for a woman and never returned. She called her mom crying June 1 asking for help. Be on the lookout!!" tweeted a user.

"This woman, Toquanna "Tijae" Baker went to visit a female "friend" in Washington, DC and has gone missing. Her mother suspects she has been kidnapped into a human trafficking scheme," wrote another.

"If anyone in the Washington D.C. area has seen his young woman, contact the police! TiJae Baker has been missing for over a month after visiting a woman she met online in Washington, D.C.," read another tweet.